Trick Training / Marker or Clicker Training, would like some advice :)

Sep 21, 2018
Hey guys!

Ever since I got my dog I've been learning tricks with him, it's great fun for both of us and I can see the joy in his eyes when he finally grasps the concept of the trick he's learning, it's wonderful!
I use the clicker/marker training method, lately we've been practicing more capturing and shaping instead of luring and I can tell that it's more rewarding for both of us.
But now to my question(s):

One of the tricks I've been working on for about half a year is the "be ashamed" trick, where the dog places one or two paws on their nose and it looks like they're covering their eyes. I think it's super cute! I tried the method using a sticky tape and I got him to touch his nose, but he never keeps his paw up for more than a short swiping motion. I tried shaping it and only rewarding the slightly longer ones, but it's not really helping. Does anyone know how I can get him to place one or two paws on his nose and hold the position?

Another question is, does anyone know a trick to get my dog to jump up? I would love to teach him to jump straight up on cue, but he only gets on his backpaws when I try to entice him to jump. Any tips? :)

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