Traveling and vacation with dogs?

Aug 29, 2016
So we have a family wedding in a few weeks time, it's about and 8-9 hour drive. I'm just looking for advice, tips and everyone's experienced with long car journies. I know a lot of you do long trips with your dogs so any advice I'm all ears.

Busters generally good in the car, used to get sick when he was younger but never has since. He'll have the whole of the boot of the car to himself but I was thinking of stacking some luggage next to his sleeping area that way it'll be a little more enclosed and it'd be easier for him to settle with less space to roam.

He hasn't slept in his crate in a long time but I'm gonna buy him a new one tomorrow and start doing some refresher work crating just so he's cool with being left in the crate in our accommodation.

Was thinking of having a Kong prepared for him, possibly a knuckle bone to gnaw on for half way through our journey. We plan on stopping a couple of times at least so he can stretch his legs.

Anything I'm missing? Any particular item that makes your holidays/travel easier?
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