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Apr 15, 2004
we have 2 dogs from the poond;a boxer/pitbull mix and a pure boxer.
we adopted the boxer mix as a puppy and we succedded in training him.
recently (2 month ago) we adopted a second dog- the pure boxer who is about a year old and is not housebroken at all. we tried everything and he still pees in his crate and on the carpet, he chews on anything and he won't listen to us.
we are frustrated...........please help us
Dec 20, 2003
Where the selas blooms
My first instinct is to guess that this new dog didn't get any love and reassurance from his old owners.

Remember, at a year old, a boxer is still very much an immature dog.

Try starting out with him just as you would a very young puppy. He's going to need lots of reassurance that he's loved - even more so than a baby pup would, since he's probably got some real insecurities.

I'm guessing, since you've rescued him, that he's been neutered. Even so, he'll still be going through puppy puberty. You'll have to be firm with him, since he's also in the throes of all the hormonal changes male dogs go through.

He's also dealing with trying to find his position in his new family. You can help reinforce this by being gentle, but firm with him. I'm going to make another guess and say that the boxer/pit bull mix will probably be the more dominant personality, although, depending on the age difference, it might go the other way. You need to respect whichever dog is dominant by doing little things like acknowledging the alpha dog first, setting his food down first, etc.

Now, all else being equal in your treatment of your dogs, you're going to have to spend playtime and affection-time with each of your dogs on an individual basis. Especially the new dog. The closer he bonds to you, the more he's going to want to please you and do what you want him to do - including not using the house for his bathroom.

Good luck. I really do think the key to this may be making your new dog feel secure and loved so that all he wants to do is please you. It's going to take patience, but it will be worth it.

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