The toy stealer


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Oct 7, 2015
Okay so I have a 10 month old terrier mix puppy (Dexter) who is very playful and the kind of dog that likes to antagonize other dogs into chasing him and do whatever he can to get another dog to engage with him. He loves rough and tumble play and is high energy. I take him to the dog park several times a week and once there if nobody is actively chasing or playing with him he will often pick up toys and play keep away with other dogs. He only does this so they chase him as he loses interest in the toy if the dogs stop chasing him. I never correct him for as it seems like everybody is having a good time and he will respect another dog if they growl at him over a toy so he only takes from those willing to engage in play at the dog park.

The problem is that we just recently bought a 12 week old Samoyed puppy (Roary) who is actually pretty low energy for a Samoyed and whenever Roary has a toy of any type Dexter immediately goes and steals it and attempts to get Roary to play tug and chase. I allowed it at first because they were both engaging in play but where do I draw the line? It is currently impossible for Roary to play with a toy without Dexter trying to steal it and although Dexter allows Roary to come up and play tug with the toy or chase sometimes he seems to steal it solely so Roary doesn't have it. Its about 60/40 of stealing it to play and stealing it so Roary doesn't have it. Will Dexter's stealing cause Roary to become a resource guarder? At what point should I interfere in the toy stealing? Should I not allow him to take the toys at all even though most of the time he is trying to engage play?

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