The Balkan dogs of war

May 19, 2012
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During WWII my breed of choice, the Kuvaszok, were all but extinguished as one after the other was shot after unrelentingly fighting off storm troopers, SS officers, and general invading forces. These dogs hindered Nazi advancement into substantial enough plots of Hungarian countryside and farm holdings that they earned the hatred of the Fuher himself whom reportedly ordered the entire breed of "white Hungarian dogs" to be made extinct. Thanks to old world ingenuity, men loyal to dogs, and, well, the very grit and intelligence of the dogs themselves - they have survived, thrived, flourished, and continue to do today what they have done best for at least 8 centuries now - fill the role of treasured companions, hilarious comedians, devils of mischief, but most of all that of a most fearless, bold, courageous and cunning protector.

These dogs have been shot at, they've seen their humans dragged away, disappear, been killed/assaulted, and possibly worse; They've gone for days without eating in order to stand guard of a nursing ewe or while out searching for an errant lamb. They have survived warfare, depressions, natural disasters, and just catastrophe in general - The Kuvasz is one of the lowest-maintenance breeds you will ever come across. They generally are very robust health wise, they don't require much in the way of grooming, and they don't have a 'fou fou' manner about them. A shepherd's dog in every sense of the word. They don't whine, pout, complain or retreat when facing adversity; They roar, resist, stand their ground, defend those they love, and never falter or tire in their persistence. My dog in many senses, is my greatest teacher. I can only dream of having such wits about me in a crisis...

Since the first day of me bringing my little white puffy-fluff doggy home she's gone through a countless amount of shoes, socks, and towels, dug her fair share of sinkholes in the yard, made me want to bang my head into the wall more times than I care to remember, and made a complete a$s out of the both of us pretty much every-other day. But protect? sheesh, I was convinced she never even had an inkling of the concept of being a guard dog. Well, *ahem* not until most recently....
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