Some people are so cold

Nov 10, 2007
Sunny California baby!
Alot has been going on for me this week. Aside from being sick to the point where I couldn't move, my neighbor of three years is getting rid of her four labs. I was walking Lily down the street when my neighbor stopped me. I guess she can't take care of her labs any more. She bought the four all togeather as puppies and she wanted me to buy them off her for 500 each. I kindly told her that I already have five dogs and any more would be too much for me. I told her she should put an add in the penny saver or craigslist or that she should try to find a Labrador sanctuary that would take them. She declined and basically told me that she didn't want to and it would be too much work on her part. Um... Okay... When you buy a dog don't you take on the responsibility of finding that dog a new and responsible home if you can no longer care for him/her? Maybe I was misinformed...

Some people are so cold...

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