sidewalks to walk dogs in NC non existent ?

Aug 29, 2016

So I am officially moving to NC next week, and I cant help but notice how few sidewalks there are, ... how do you guys walk your dogs in North Carolina ??

I lived in 3 different areas in Florida , Miami, Orlando and Kissimmee. I moved quite a lot ( 3 times in Miami , 4 times in Orlando and Kissimmee area)
My point being, each time I moved, I could still find sidewalks to walk my dogs... sigh
Now that I am relocating to NC ( Winston Salem/ Greensboro area) I am having a hard time finding a house where there are sidewalks at all. Not that it is a bad thing, but I wonder why that is? I have a siberian/malamute mix (80lbs) and a full malamute(still a puppy) dog, needless to say, they need exercise quite often, I walk them on average 5 to 6 times a day here, depending on weather and my schedule of course.

anyways, let me get to my point, how are you guys living in NC (or any other state for that matter with no sidewalks) walk/exercise your dogs ??
I strongly believe that large breed dogs needs lots of exercise, how do you do it ?

thanks a lot in advance for your insights !!
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