Sheltie-Papillion Cross: Smart, Yappy, Very Loving!

May 11, 2008
Our most recent dog came from the Sheltie-Collie rescue group in Colorado when we lived there. We've had him a couple of years and we dearly love him. Oh my is he yappy though! No surprising, given the two breeds. Training has helped some with that.

He was born at a puppy mill, sold from a pet store to his first owner. When it didn't work out for whatever reason, she put him on Craigslist. The people who got him from her didn't keep him either. They also put him on Craigslist, and by then the rescue group had a volunteer monitoring it. They got him and found out this history. After evaluating him, they put him on Petfinder. We saw him there and went to meet him. He's been ours and we've been his ever since.

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