Second Utility Obedience Leg!!


Legion of Zoom Den Mother
Dec 4, 2013
Rhode Island
WHOO HOO!! Third time in the Utility A ring we earned our second leg with a score of 191.5 and a second place. It was a big class too...I think there were 17 people entered and 4 people Q'ed. First place was a we were pretty close. Third and fourth places were a 189 and a 184. (I completely forgot to post about the first UA leg from about 2 weeks ago. Whoops!!)

I was so thrilled with our performance...I can honestly say, Lars knows his job in Utility now. I just trusted him with that job...and he nailed it with a solid performance. No weird hesitations, no bobbles, no nothing like that. He is such a great, great dog!!

We were supposed to show on Sunday...and I really felt like we were going to get our title that day. But, Lars had hyperextended his wrist the weekend before playing ball in the yard. I had left to go to the grocery store Saturday night...and at some point while I was gone, he was out in the backyard with my husband. The limp was back when I came back. So, I scratched us from the show Sunday morning because the limp was still here. Oh well...he's resting for the next couple of weeks and I'll start looking for shows again.

But, I'm itching to get back out there and wrap that UD up!

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