Sasha got a compliment today

Feb 13, 2009
Says goodbye to chazhound....done with forums
This one couple hat lives in an apartment near us....stopped me today when I was out with Sash and they said they had seen us around and had noticed how good she was. And they said they remember her because she just puzzles them, the lady was like "I just can't figure out what she is".....I simply said well "She is a good old american mutt" I went on to tell her that she is a rescued dog and the rescue said that she was Jack Russell Terrier/Chihuahua and I told them other than that we have no idea what might be in her but she is a great dog.

They also complimented Zackie on his dancing. Anyways it feels good to get a compliment for them every now and then (especially since they are getting confused lately with our neighbors terrier that barks 24 hours a day, while they are gone and there ugh)

Anyways it was nice

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