Rotti mix puppy


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Oct 4, 2005
I'm posting this with permission from someone on another forum, hope its ok.
This little girl sounds so sweet and needs a good home. I hope the pics work.
I do have the ladies E-mail that has the pup. She is in Washington state.

Hi everyone... I have posted this in another thread as well, but wanted to post its own thread...

My son called me from my mom's house today BEGGING me to let him keep this beautiful three month old Rottie mix. Of course I had to say no because of my pugs and because this is an impulse and impulse pets are a no no in this house.

This puppy is GORGEOUS! she is house trained, plays fetch, sits most of the time when you tell her to... has gotten along well with my dogs as I introduced them to her one at a time... got along with my cats as well.. which amazed me.. she's really stunning... she is extremely well mannered for a three month old baby..

And she needs a home. Here are some pictures of her, and if anyone is interested in her, or knows anyone who may be interested, please let me know as she simply can't stay here and I won't take her to a shelter.

Ok.. gonna go play with her until I hear from someone.


Host the pics in Imageshack or Photobucket then put the "forum" or board links here and they'll work

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