Puppy Party Time


Playful Husky Pup
Jan 20, 2005
Sometimes I wonder why I take on so many dogs lol. I have three puppies at the moment two Alaskan Husky puppies and 1 Chin. My Alaskans are rescue pups brother and sister named Pendel and Panache who are now 16 weeks old and a handful on their own. The little make Pendel with both lop ears and with more of a brown and black coloration to him with cream muzzle and paws is the leader of our wild three. Panache the more wolfy looking one with one upright ear and one lopped is the sneaky way to smart one of the group. I plan to make her into a lead dog someday because she is so smart but right now she is a little hellion.

Then we have our male Chinook puppy Wasabe of 14 weeks. I personally would never own three puppies close to the same age at once. But Pendel and Panache were unplanned and Wasabe was a planned puppy. Wasabe is the lowest ranking in our pack of pups with includes our two yearling Chins as well though one I am just putting through training and then he is going back to his owner. I am unsure if I will be keeping the other yearling Chin on a perm basis either as I am so busy with the others and with money im not sure if I can handle it especially with Pendel and Panache. Their names by the way are Wart and Ziya.

I feel like my life has been taken over by puppies lol.

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