Please help! Random, erratic behavior


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Mar 6, 2008
Hey guys, I haven't posted here in a thousand years! I don't know if anyone remembers me, or is still around since I used to post. Anyhow, I have a serious issue with my 10-year-old corgi, Regis, and I'm terrified.

Background info: Regis is an extremely calm, mellow dog. In the last 1-2 years he has really slowed down, seriously cannot/does not move around a lot. Had surgery knee surgery for an injury, was told he is arthritic. Started him on glucosamine and chondroitin supplement, didn't notice any benefits so stopped for about 5 days now.

Brief rundown of situation:
-6pm last night: In background, neighbor was getting carpets cleaned, probably for about 30 minutes(idk if this background sound is relevant). Regis was sleeping, randomly gets up and is screaming barking, unlike anything I've ever heard before. He runs around frantically, and was inconsolable. I took him out of my apartment and he eventually calmed down. Lasted about 20 minutes.
-8am this morning: In background, neighbor had apartment construction going on. I place food down for Regis, as he is walking over he has another episode. Not as bad as the night before, as my boyfriend just picked him up and carried him to a different room and Regis calmed down. Lasted about 5 minutes.
-9am: boyfriend used coffee grinder which is a little loud, but not crazy loud? Regis is 10, he's heard sounds before. Regardless, Regis lets out several unusual barks but not like other episodes.
-1030am: walking him to my car to take to vet, pass by beforementioned construction, severe full blown episode. I remove him from the situation, get him to my car where we hold him, speak to him calmly, pet him, ignore him, everything; he won't calm down. I had to just start driving, and several minutes later he calms down.
-8pm: take him outside to use bathroom. NO audible stimulus, no stimulus I could notice, has moderate-intensity episode of barking. Had to walk to other side of building until he calmed down.

He was really unpersonable and unhelpful. I've never needed this vet for anything other than shots so it was never a problem before, but I do not like this guy. Anyway, he did bloodwork and then said it's either sound phobia or seizures. That's basically the only info I got.

Blood work comes in tomorrow. But I'm so confused. What is going on? Has anyone ever heard of anything like this? The only symptoms are these intense barking episodes, adrenaline clearly rushing through his body because he runs like he's young again, but nothing else - no defecating, urination, or any other sign of seizure.

What can I do during these episodes?

He just had his last one about 25 minutes ago and he's just sleeping now, like nothing ever happened. Eating and drinking normally. What gives?

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