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Oct 14, 2006
crossposted from craigslist:

Subject: Libby...gentle 7 yr old Shep mix alone in empty house one month since owner died (LI, NY)

Dear Companion Animal Friends, PLEASE CROSS POST (LI, NY, CT, NJ)

When a guardian dies, we expect a family member or friend to take in that person's beloved pet in honor of the companionship and love they shared. But sometimes it doesn't happen. Sometimes there is nobody else...
Libby was left alone in the world when her owner died. What makes it even more tragic is that her 96 year old "dad" (Joe) had taken Libby in after his son Richard who had adopted Libby two years before, passed away unexpectedly. Before that, Libby had another family who dumped her at the pound when they moved. After spending nearly a year at the shelter, she thought she found her forever person when Richard came to take her home. It was love at first sight, and this meant so much to Libby since the people at the shelter had always referred to her as "just a brown paper bag."
For two years Libby lived as Richard's constant companion, and life was good. Richard battled severe obesity, and Libby gave him the companionship and confidence to take walks and to love himself. Just as he had loved her unconditionally, so had she loved him. When he suddenly passed away, his elderly father took Libby in. She was a reminder of the son he loved, and they gave each other much-needed comfort. So gentle was Libby, that even in his 90's, he was able to take care of her. She asked for so little.
Last month, Joe became ill and had to be hospitalized. Libby waited anxiously by the front door for his return. He never came back. During this month, the only relative, an elderly man, came once a day to feed Libby. When she had to relieve herself, she often had no choice but to use a small carpet in a back room. Days turned into weeks, but still, she waited by the front door, looking at every passing car with a hopeful heart. When an acquaintance of the relative found out what had happened, she went to visit Libby...and what she saw broke her heart into a million pieces. There was Libby, curled up at the foot of the steps, waiting by the door. Her eyes were a combination of fear and sadness, as though she knew her person was not coming back but was terrified that someone would take her away from the waiting nonetheless.
The house was hot and desolate, and Libby ran and hid when this kind woman came to see her. She would not make eye contact and hid in the corner, as if to say "I'm invisible". It was as though she didn't feel worthy, like she had forgotten the tenderness of a simple pat on the head. When we tried to take pictures of Libby, she always looked away with her ears down. Who, she thought, would want to photograph a forgotten dog?
After a few days of consistent visits and allowing Libby to come forward on her own terms, Libby velcroed herself to this special person who came to give her food and water and who explained to Libby that though her daddy loved her, he was not coming back. She made a promise to Libby that she would never be alone again and that soon these days and night of loneliness and despair would be behind her...
Libby still waits at the door. A few times a day someone comes. It is not her forever person, but it is someone who cares--someone who is dedicated to the promise she made this beautiful dog with a deep spirit and a heart of gold. While the overnights remain dark and lonely, there is a glimmer of light in Libby's eyes, and one she even wagged her tail. Though it will take some time for Libby to feel safe and secure again, there is surely someone out there who will understand, who will open her home and heart to a dog who has endured more heartbreak than any living creature should ever know.
Libby waits by the door...she waits now for you...

PLEASE CONTACT: [email protected]

there are pics in the link.

i can't take her, but if someone can, i could help to organize transportation. if anyone here can give her a good home, i'm thinking we can possibly organize some sort of relay to get her there. anyone interested?!?

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