Oh gross...

Apr 25, 2006
So some of you may or may not remember the scumbags that used to live across the street from me. (The guy threatened to shoot Hannah because HIS kids and HIS dogs were always in my yard despite me telling them 5.8 million times that Hannah *would* go after anyone in my yard so stay out.)

Anyways, they had two "pit bulls" named Kilo and Zoey. Siblings. Under a year old. They were not particurly well bred, in fact Kilo resembled a tall skinny american bulldog.

But I digress. Last year, Mr. Scumbag comes over to our house (again with the trespassing thing) and asks me if siblings can mate. WTF? Yes, I say...afraid to ask why. He goes on to tell me that he thinks that they might have mated. Oh come on now. I cringe.

Sure enough, they did. Even though the scumbags moved, they still come into the store I work at, and one day Mr. Scumbag comes in talking about his pups and asking if I wanted to buy one. Oh yeah, sure, sign me up. I mean, inbred crappy quality pit bulls are all the rage. He goes on to tell me how Zoey had 12 pups, and they're all males.

So, fast forward to now. Mrs. Scumbag came into the store last night, and just trying to be polite, I ask if they sold all the pups yet. No. They haven't. They still have almost all of them.

See where I'm headed with this?

She goes on to tell me how Kilo hates the puppies. I say, well, yeah, you've got all those males together in a DA breed and you're going to start having problems soon.

She then asks if it's possible for the puppies to "knock Zoe up".


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