Need help selecting a Breed that suits me

Jun 24, 2017
Hey guys! I've been researching dog breeds for about four years now in excited anticipation of getting my first dog. I have had a family dog before, and have trained a handful on dogs, but have never been in the position to own (due to university). However i have extensive experience using clicker training on horses and have been training in this way for 4 years, having trained horses prior to that using traditional methods for ten years. once i graduate i intend to buy my new friend, but until then i am doing all of my homework to ensure the breed i get will be perfect for me and my lifestyle. however i am having some difficulty narrowing down the perfect dog. Thus i was hoping to extend my question to the community. As of right now i beleive the smooth collie is my best match but i would like to hear you thoughts!

Here is what i need in a dog ranked in priority and what kind of activities i need the dog to engage in,

- incredibly smart: i want a dog i can train 200 tricks to. The kind of dog who, left in a room alone long enough is going to figure out how to open the door. Who problem solves the second the reward is withheld and learns rapidly. (I only use positive reinforcement training so i need a dog who is all brains)
- if properly socialized will have a near zero percent chance of ever becoming aggressive towards other dogs, animals or people
- no prey drive (herding type prey drive is find, no kill drive)
- a dog that would excel as a therapy animal (given proper training of course). The dog will most likely be used as a therapy animal for many different people (like those dogs that visit sick kids and nursing homes)
- medium energy level, i am happy to take the dog for long walks on weekends full of training intermissions and problem solving but there will be times the dog may only get a thirty minute walk and then a training session indoors (where i live the snow can really reduce ones ability to venture outdoors) so i need a dog who wont go squirrely on me if he gets a short walk but is supplemented with a long indoor training session
- i want a dog that will be trustworthy off leash (after being trained of course), with no desire to wander out of sight, good recall and would make an excellent camping (tent) and hiking buddy.
- medium or short hair is a bonus, i do not like long hair
- that being said i have no issues grooming with a brush and the occasional bath
- wont overheat in our summers (up to 24C) or freeze in winter (-15C)
- would prefer at the minimum a "medium" sized dog with great preference for large breeds
- minimal known health issues with a 10+ year lifespan

Of course all of the training type requirements on my list come with the disclaimer that i will have trained the dog, and everything on my list is generally flexible because this is life and an animal so one has to be flexible! I would love to hear any suggestions you may have regarding what kind of dog breed would best suit me. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

(Please disregard all undercase "i" as my tablet didnt capitalize for some reason....)
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Aug 15, 2017
I think what you need is a Labrador. It fits all your description

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