My girlfriend started making personalized pet jewelry - turned out so cute!


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Mar 21, 2015
Hey everyone!
Here's the picture:
The idea came together last christmas when she made my sister a bracelet with a picture of her dog on it. My sister loved it so much and asked where she bought it, thinking she purchased it from some website or store. That's when my girlfriend thought other people who love their pets might pay for a piece of unique jewelry like this.
She want ahead and made a few more for some friend's and the reaction was always the same - a loud, high-pitched "AWWWW i LOVE it". I got to witness these reactions - they all seemed truly genuine. This is when I was on board and decided to go ahead and make her a website where people can purchase the jewelry and upload their photos.
Here's the website:
Figure I'd share it with pet loving communities and see what you all thought! Take a look at the website, and feel free to give me any feedback, suggestions. Hope you like it!

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