My dog: My Partner.

May 19, 2012
No fixed abode.
How do I begin to describe my dog...? A paradox of psychology. Reincarnation of a child killed in a terrorist operation. Socialistic scientist. Public intellectual. Philosopher. Diva. A partner, not a pet. She shares my life with me, she goes through the ups and the downs, she criticizes and advises, protests and demands, screams and kicks, comforts and resolves. If I step out of lines with her - I am told; what she says isn't always conventional or pleasant - and at times, she is obstinate, rough edged, and harshly sharp. I could go on (and I will - look at the specimens of writing below) but this isn't exactly what a good pet does, but it is what a good partner does. Do I mean that in a romantic sense? No; Partner as in "in crime" : comrade, equal, confidante etc... She's never failed me as so many other two legged partners have, and I honestly don't know how anyone lives without one of her "kind": My dog - my partner.

I stretch out, savoring the sensation of my muscles spanning out across the cotton sheets and against the comforter - she walks in, nudges my hand, and joins me, but only for a few moments. She leaps off the bed and goes about her own business in the hallway.

Sleeping in the nude is de rigueur for both of us - we don't like constraints while we're at rest, during play though... I stagger out of bed into the bath in the hall, she gives me a once over then proceeds to stretch out and lounge while I perform my ablutions. I lather up with vegetal soap and coconut oil shampoo while contemplating the meaning of my existence; these thoughts are intermittently cut off by a sort of scratching/rustling sound....what could she be up to??

I rinse and towel off and yawn, I head out of the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around me, wet coiffure dripping with a lemon meringue (or cheese souffle?) shaded bathrobe in my hands and proceed towards the stairs to go downstairs for a breakfast (1 PM?) of some juice and yogurt. "Stop nagging, I'll get it out of the way later" , I tell her as I see what she was fussing over - two laundry baskets full of junk and a folding chair in her hallway - she does like a obstruction free hallway.

We arrive in the kitchen - I plunk into a chair, toss a 3 day old copy of the Ming Pao into the recycling bin and bitch about the environment being disrespected while she takes her usual place. Happy Planet Mango & Coconut water with some blueberry and vanilla yogurt for me, roast chicken thigh and asparagus spears with butter from last night for her.

Topics that come to mind are debated and discussed, future plans are mulled over, issues are griped about.

"Why am I so tired...?"

"You're tired of being tired - you're feeding into your own lethargy"

"Now why would I be - "

"Puh-leez. You know I'm right"

"....What do you propose I do then?"

"Something darling, you're in your mid twenties and you already live the lifestyle of a little old lady on top of a hill"

"What a nice thing to say to someone when they've just woken up"

"Well I - Pass the gravy would you?, Thanks. I am just trying to be honest with you - didn't you say that's what you wanted?"

Our exchange drifts into a smattering of very random topics and eventually, not too long afterwards at all, into a comfortable silence....

My hair has dried somewhat and my towel rests disheveled around my figure. I sigh and finish the juice and yogurt - the bathrobe is ignored as I put away the dishes and ceramic cup and make my way upstairs again to clip my hair up in a bun and don a pair of CK socks, a clean pair of underpants, a old VS bra, white yoga capris, and a navy blue tee with the phrase "I need love" emblazoned across it's chest in white. I dash down and throw a black Lululemon mac on and we head out for a stroll - I got the mac just for walking with her - she bitched about buying into corporations for a while but then admitted that she did like how broad it made my shoulders look.....
Feb 8, 2013
Oh yes

Let the funny story's begin! That was a good one! I like that story!
Thanks for posting!! Always are looking for stories!!

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