Miss my old friends, miss Messina


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Jun 24, 2004
Toronto, Canada
Hello old friends, if you're still around.

It has been more than a decade since I joined this wonderful forum. We shared so much information, stories, photos, and made friendships. We shared out love of dogs, breeds, and animals in general.

My dear sweet Messina passed in 2015, just two months shy of her 14th birthday. She deteriorated quickly. We found she was slowing down due to her age, but never suspected what the vet found after an abdominal X-ray. She had a tumor the size of a large tennis ball, and nobody would have guessed. We put her to sleep in our home, with the entire family holding her, kissing her, whispering to her, and crying while the vet performed the euthanasia.

It was a difficult time, and I think about her so often. We all miss her dearly, and there are days when the tears come. She was the most gentle of souls....a true champion of her breed, the American Pit Bull Terrier. She taught me so much more about dogs...and this breed...the bully breeds, than I could have imagined.

I became a lover, an advocate, a volunteer, an ambassador.

She will always and forever be missed.

I have no dogs now...just two sweet cats whom I adore dearly.

I just wanted to come back here and say hello, and that I hope people continue to share the knowledge and the love that only us pet owners can understand. It's great when a community of pet owners exists to support one another, offer advice, provide recommendations, and share resources.

Thank you Chazhound. :)

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