Meet Ice and Rufus


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Apr 6, 2006
St. Petersburg, Fl
Hello. I'm Bridget. My husband, Mike, and I are the happy owners of two awesome dogs, Ice and Rufus. Both are Pit Bulls.

Ice is the female, 2years and 5months old. She is a very clever girl who likes to play tricks on the younger more gullible Rufus. Ice is always alert and loves to run. She and Rufus have made a race track of our yard (located in St. Petersburg Florida). She is a little more petite than the rest of her litter, but is very lean and fast. She is holding a steady wieght of 53lbs.

Rufus is the male. He is 1year and 4 months and already 84lbs. He is definately the brawn, while Ice is the brains. He has a goofy personality, which has earned him the nickname, Dufus from friends and family. He is great with kids and puts up with a lot of grabbing and tugging on his huge floppy ears and jowls. Rufus is never annoyed, he is always happy to get as much attention as possible.

I am in the process of uploading doggy pics. And hope you all will get a chance to visit my album to see just how fun these two really are.

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