May 6, 2013
I think this is the correct section to post this. If not, sorry, feel free to move.

Pirate has never pottied in the house. Even as a puppy, he was magically house trained when I got him at 9 weeks old.

He just turned 18 months old and he's started marking things in the house. I've been noticing sprinkles here and there for maybe two weeks or so but didn't really think anything of it. Penny isn't potty trained at all so she's gotten all the blame. Until yesterday... He did it right in front of me, just lifted his leg and sprayed a few dribbles on Penny's crate. Then a little while later, he did it on the bathroom door. Tonight, he did it in front of me again, on Penny's crate.

I need advice on correcting this behavior. He's always been so good. Maybe I've been bragging on him too much since I was just talking about how good he is! I was wondering if it was some kind of maturity thing? lol I have no idea. If it was something to do with Penny, she's been here for over three months so I don't think that's it. Why, all of a sudden, has he started doing this?

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