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May 17, 2006
Ontario, Canada
So, Tuesday was Hades group lesson, followed by Roxy's first class with her new group and I just got back from her last private. I know it seems like an awful lot to ask of Roxy, but today we pretty much just goofed off, brought out the agility equipment. I had signed up for three privates with Roxy and this week was the start of the 6 week session before Christmas so it's not going to be so hectic from now on. LOL

Hades, the little darling was amazing! He gets quite worried, but calms down after about 10 minutes. Right now he's doing: heeling, downs/sit stays, figure eight heeling, recalls and some close work with other dogs. Nothing bad to say about the little guy, he works SOOO hard to please, it's pretty neat to watch.

Roxy's group.. Well I was pretty nervous when I met the people in her class. They all show, one lady's working on her CDX the other for her CD. Go bit or go home was Roxy's motto last night though!!! I was stunned! Perfect everything!

We did 2 SFE's without the collar, actually both offlead, (most of the lesson was offlead), one lick lip, one without. I'll be honest, she still does seem uncomfortable, but not half as bad as before. SHe has a worried look in her eye, but as soon as verbally praise her for good behaviour she loses that look, more of an anxious look then, when am I going to get my treat mom look. LOL

I was elated last night. Not just because of her SFEs', but her general performance was just spectacular. Quite literally. Drop on recall, just hand signal. Perfect. Heeling perfect. Tight on about turns, perfect. THe list goes on, retrieves, being a post for figure eight heeling... She just really turned out last night!

My trainer has decided that she likes to compete, LOL.

We did have one incident with another dog jumping on me though. I was sitting, Roxy was beside me in a down stay, and a dog, happily, jumped on me. Roxy did snarl, but immediately stopped when I told her I was fine and did not need her help.

Just now, we did maybe 3 SFE's stretched through the hour of fun stuff and she licked her lips once or twice, and once she didn't.

We had been working on "sending" her out to obstacles at home and it seems to have paid off though. From 20 feet away I can send her to the table, jump or tire. Near the end we set up the weave poles, (I'm still slowly leading her through with the food.)

The weave poles were set up directly in front of the table. From one end of the room she did the tire, and I sent her to the table and she cautiously weaved PERFECTLY through the weaves and went to the table! The little brat! LOL She knew how to all along! LOL

So as BB said, maybe still with some work agility could be something we could get into. She just had a blast today, we both did. :D :D

I'm off now, to spend literally hours now, using Red's method to start Hades off with the dumbell. Wish me luck! :D

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