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Mar 29, 2009
Hey guys,
So for the past 2 years keely has had a bad skin issue, breaking out in little scabby things, itchy and irritated. Back and fourth to the vet, first it was a "food allergy" then it was seborrhea, then it was seasonal allergies , then it was contact dermititis. Skin scrapes, medicated shampoos, you name it we tried it. Long story short it was never any of the above, it was in fact, a yeast problem. So since October she has been completely grain free , I've even cut out meat proteins that were fed grain prior to slaughter ( she's eating orijen six fish , and she gets freeze dried beef, lamb or fish for treats) no potato, wheat, grain, sugar or starch. She is also on nzymes to help push the yeast out of her body . It's been 7 months ( I know these things take time) but little improvement, but I do know for a fact it's yeast. (I've also given her colloidal silver to help draw it out) .
Anyways, again with the long story lol, my boss' (I work in a well respected privately owned pet store) dog has the exact same issues, it's been a couple of years for his dog on a raw diet and blueberries for treats nothing else and he still gets spots. He just recently learned about this leaky gut syndrome ( or that it causes these issues I guess is more like it) and is going to bring in a product to help fix the lining of the stomach.
So I guess what I'm asking is does anybody have any experience with this issue or with the product? All I know is that leaky gut means food goes directly into the blood stream and can be caused just from eating processed dog food ( even the highest of quality dog food) . The product is called "adored beast apothecary"
And here's a picture of keely from our walk the other day for good measure.

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