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Jul 27, 2014
Boise, Idaho
Chief Pet Advocate/Founder at PetsPage.com,
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PetsPage.com was founded by Karen Bostick with the mission of increasing pet owner awareness for all things happy and healthy for their pets today.The passion and purpose behind creating a community like PetsPage.com stems from a very personal story for Karen, and one that almost had a tragic ending. PetsPage.com’s CEO & founder almost found out too late about all the options that are available today in veterinary care, and it was these special advanced options that were needed to save her adorable Maltipoo dog, Tinks’, life. Because of this, Karen made it her mission to increase pet owner awareness of all the options available in veterinary care, specifically veterinary specialty medicine. She began sharing Tinks’ Story on social media.

Watch Tinks’ story to learn more!


Their social media followers grew at a rapid pace and Bostick realized this was just the opportunity she was looking for to get the message out to other pet owners about her mission, and the idea for PetsPage.com was born! PetsPage.com is a unique community where pet lovers can educate, share and socialize with one another, as well as with pet and veterinary professionals. She feels that by allowing pet lovers to directly engage with each other and with pet and veterinary professionals, everyone benefits and valuable information can be shared and exchanged in a fun and social way.

PetsPage.com’s Pet Owner Awareness Campaign and Tinks’ Story will be featured on television in a public service announcement on Animal Planet, as well as in a documentary on Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) stations. The Animal Planet and PBS promotions will begin airing in the spring of 2014 as a way for Bostick to reach more pet lovers with her message. PetsPage.com’s documentary will air on national public television stations to millions of viewers for a full year.

Bostick is thrilled with the early success of PetsPage.com, and is excited with the rapid rise in social pet lovers and social pets joining the PetsPage.com network! PetsPage.com continues to add new and exciting social features for pet lovers, which give them easy access for socializing and sharing, as well as seamless integration with other social media platforms. Additional features will continue to be added throughout the year, with a strong focus remaining on community involvement.

(Watch the Video below to hear Karen share her Mission for creating PetsPage.com)

Join us at www.PetsPage.com to Share, Socialize and Smile with thousands of pet lovers from around the world! :)

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