Job For Dog Lovers!

Jul 3, 2014
Hi Everyone,

We are an internet-based company looking for quick thinking, fast-typing, passionate canine experts for a work-from-home position.

We are currently looking to hire immediately for a Dog Specialty Position in our Tagging Department. Specifically, we are looking for employees who are:
1) Passionate about dogs
2) Able to tell the difference between a bichon frise, a toy poodle and a maltese
3) An avid dog blog reader
4) Constantly avoiding pet stores and kennels for fear of taking home all the dogs
5) Great with identifying dog size (even from a picture), hair/fur type, age, and most importantly, breed.

Your job will be to accurately identify the dog in photographs provided, quickly and accurately. As a Dog Specialist, you will be responsible for identifying the breeds of dogs and anything else dog-related.

The hours are semi-flexible. The pay is $9/hour.

This is a great way to supplement your income.

Please send your resume, along with your email address, and your information regarding your knowledge of dogs to: [email protected].

1) Must have extreme attention to detail and descriptive instincts.
2) Must be able to think quickly.
3) Must be able to accurately type at least 55 words per minute.
4) Must also be trustworthy - this position allows you to work from home.
5) Must be extremely knowledgeable in all things Dog-related.
6) Must have fast and reliable at-home internet.

We are only looking for serious applicants who have a strong understanding of canines and are able to identify almost every breed and mix-breed dogs. Please do not apply if this is not you.

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