It was just a dream...

Jul 15, 2010
This is my dream. All typed up. Just read it and you'll see why I'm so shaken up by it. Especially since my dogs ARE my children, in my opinion. Also know that I'm not this brave in reality. I'd probably run screaming.

Oh, and, this is somewhat mature with blood and stuff. :[

If this is the wrong section of the forum please forgive me. I just figured a dream would fit under stories.

It was night. I had just "woken up" at 2:36 in the morning. The only light in the room was cast by the still-on TV. Giving us the light and noise we needed to get us through a regular night. I rubbed my eyes and stretched before crawling out of bed. I felt tired, exhausted, and ready to shower. So shower is what I did. As always, Dawn followed me. Dawn is a small beagle mix with feathery fur and a black mask. Because she's epileptic, she follows me everywhere she can. She gets frustrated when she can't. At any rate, she followed me to the bathroom as usual.

Just as I was stepping into the shower I heard a noise. Dawn heard it too and jumped up to start sniffing at the bottom of the door, where the air comes through the tiny gap. She had her ears back and her tail down but she didn't bark. I turned on the water. Then I heard a massive crash. I tossed my shirt and undies on, forgetting my shorts, and rushed to the bedroom to see what was going on. The room was still dark.

There was a guy there, dressed all in black. It only took Dawn two seconds to attack the guy (Which I suspect she'd do in real life if someone broke in like that). She was oblivious to it, but I watched the guy pull out a gun. While he was busy trying to get a good shot at the dog, I readied the only weapon I could find - my 3-inch-thick text book I had just gotten from the college book store via mail. It happened simultaneously it seemed. He pulled the trigger and I swung the book as hard as I could.

M, who sleeps like a rock, finally jumped up at the sound of gun fire. I had hit the guy hard enough to make him stumble, then I kneed him in the groin which caused him to drop the gun. I grabbed it and M just sat there staring like "what the heck". I told the guy to sit on the couch and M finally came to his senses and called 911.

Time lapsed. The police were there to do their job. I snatched Dawn up and rushed to the car, my room-mate E following close behind me. I didn't care that I was still only half-dressed. Dawn was bleeding all over me, all over my shirt and the car seat. I didn't cry yet. I just clung to her and felt the life slowly dwindling. I was outraged, confused, and lost.

We finally got to the emergency vet. I thanked God I lived in a town that had an e-vet so close. I rang the buzzer like crazy until they let us in and then practically screamed at the woman that my dog had been shot by some... butthole. She didn't do the typical routine of taking the dog. Instead, she told me to follow her and we rushed to the triage room.

Immediately the vet was there to inspect my baby. There was blood pooling on the table and draining to pool on the floor. I backed into a corner where everyone seemed to forget I was there. I wanted to watch. I wanted to know she would be ok. The vet told me she had to get an x-ray to see if the bullet was still inside or not. For that, she sent me to the waiting area.

I collapsed in a seat when I got out there, finally breaking down to the point of tears. I bawled and pushed E away every time she tried to comfort me. I was terrified of losing Dawn, terrified that someone had gotten into our home that easily, and terrified of what would happen now.

It was a little over an hour when the vet finally returned. She had a grim look on her face.

"Mrs. F," she said tightly. "There's only a very slim chance of survival right now. However, the x-ray showed something that surprised us." I rubbed my eyes and focused on her now to see what it was she was talking about. "Your dog is pregnant. There's only one puppy."

I sat there in shock. We didn't let her procreate. She was never allowed around any boys during her time. She was completely isolated. I told the vet this. She shrugged, not believing me, and gave me the ultimatum.

Try to save Dawn and most likely lose them both, or save the puppy and hoe for the best. I asked her to try to save them both. I wanted them both to have a chance.

It was quite a while later, I don't know how long, when they brought out a small red towel. Wrapped in it was a tiny little puppy. A tiny little girl who looked exactly like Dawn when she was born. As I took her I felt like breaking inside. The tech told me Dawn couldn't be saved and asked me if I wanted the body. I nodded numbly. I would rather bury her than have them take her. I wanted her collar and tag back anyhow.

We drove home. Dawn wrapped in a towel and set inside a large box in the back seat, the tiny bundle in the front held gently in my arms. The vet had also sent us home with puppy formula and a heating pad for the puppy's box.

I passed the puppy to E when we got there so that I could bury Dawn in the corner of our front yard, right next to the house. I dug deep and covered her completely, by then I was numb from the shock. It was around 6 PM and we had been at the e-vet all day.

When I went back inside I found the puppy alone in a little box on the couch, her formula mixture beside her in a plastic bag. I scooped up the box and moved almost like a robot to make her formula. I knew what would come. It was like having a newborn human baby. Feed every few hours, potty duty every few hours, maintain warmth and cleanliness every few hours, deal with squealing and squawking as much as possible.

But when I sat down in our room on our little sofa, holding the puppy as I coaxed her to take the bottle, a calm washed over me. Despite everything I smiled and right there I knew her name. Little Faith.

Despite the calmness of the end of my dream I woke to reality with a start and Dawn looked up from the foot of the bed like I was crazy. It was 2:37 in the morning and I felt like I needed a shower... I shuddered at the dream before I went to take my shower. Everything was fine but the dream kept playing through my head. After the shower I just sat there and cuddled with her. I call her my heart-dog. She's the dog I've always ever wanted. I don't even care that she dislike strangers, she's gotten better with it. The dream just made me realize that much more how much I adore that dog. So here I am, her laying on my foot, still trying to recover from a dream that I woke up from over 2 hours ago.

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