Intro: Life with DOGS!!

Dec 13, 2003
Hi to everyone. Just found this site tonight, I was watching the Westminster Kennel show and thought I would see if there was ANYWHERE I could upload a pic of my dog and find others that have the same love. Well, a simple search and here I am.
I have had dogs since I was born. Our family's dog at that time was named Preacher: I will never forget that dog. He could climb up the trunk of ten at least ten feet trying to catch a squirrel (in Pittsburgh). He was 18 before he had to be put down.
I read Chazhound's story about his favorite dog which was a doby. I can't say which of my dogs has been my favorite, I reflect fondly on all of them, except my last dog. She died of tumors - she got sick and got to the point where she was having trouble breathing. I had to have her put down, she was a doberman/shepherd mix, an absolutley beautiful dog that wouldn't hurt a flea (well, MAYBE a flea!). I was SICK when I had to put her down. I have had to have several dogs put down (I always keep my dogs until we have to part ways because of life ending illnesses or diseases or just plain old age), but Shoco (her name) was the hardest. The thought of it is bringing tears to my eyes even now. Most people say you should wait for a while before getting another dog after something like that, I couldn't. I went out and found my newest dog love: Willy. He had been sitting in the humane society's shelter for almost THREE MONTHS. THANK GOD it was a no-kill shelter. I had no idea why no-one had adopted him - that is- until the handler took him out of his "prison". He was totally uncontrollable, the man could barely hold onto him (a large dog, very muscular and very strong). He wouldn't stop for a second, he pulled on the leash so much he was choking himself. He was beautiful, I decided that he would calm down once he was away from that dog hell he had been living in for so long, and I was right. Yes, he goes CRAZY when I tell him it's time to go for a walk, but at home he's perfectly wonderful. I can't imagine life without him - he has endless energy, he is the very most loyal dog I have ever had - he simply HAS to follow me EVERYWHERE. He doesn't like me leaving him home, but obviously you can't take your dogs with you EVERYWHERE. Willie is a "liver-white" German Short Haired Pointer, pure bred, not a drop of mixed breed in him. Nothing against mixed breeds, I have had several of them, but I was and still am astounded to have found this dog in a pound sitting there for as long as he was.

Am I through yet? NO! I JUST adopted another dog - 5 days ago. I got him through a couple that brings dogs back from Mexico. Mexico has the worst stray/unwanted dog problem I have ever seen. I spent 5 years down there as a missionary, I can attest to the TENS OF THOUSANDS of stray dogs wandering around EVERYWHERE. The unique aspect, however, is that a lot of these dogs are poodles, chihuahuas, terriers, and other breeds that A LOT of people will pay alot of money for here. They pick the dogs up off of the street, or get them from the killing house (what I call it anyway), get them checked out through a vet, get all their shots, etc etc etc. They have them flown back from ? (I don't remember, I think it is Guadalajara) and they pick them up and drive them back here, to the Phoenix area in Arizona. I found their website through an ad in the local paper (their website can be found at: I saw "Comet" and fell in love with him through a picture! He is a mostly rat terrier. I haven't had a small dog since I was a teenager (had a chihuahua), and I wanted another large/small dog combo (I had a chihuahua and a great dane at the same time). The dog is perfectly healthy EXCEPT he is skin and bones, literally. He must have been close to dying of starvation, all of his "outer" bones are jutting out in an exaggerated fashion. I have been feeding him all kinds of "junk" in order to fatten him up. Well, I like to feed good food to my dogs, but this guy ate everything he could find when I brought him home, then chewed on rawhides for hours after that. Willie and I are getting used to Comet, and Comet is growing affectionate towards us. He LOVES to go for walks.

Here is my list of dogs I have had in my life:
Preacher - some kind of terrier - 18 years
Goldie - Golden Retriever - 4 years (died young of some kind of lung disease)
Doc - Great Dane - 12 years (died of heart attack - but long life for a Dane)
Nugget - Chihuahua - 18 years
Jethro - Visla - 14 years
Shoco - Doberman/Shepherd mix -13 years (heartbreaker)
Willie - German Shorthaired Pointer - acquired 9 months ago is now 5
Comet - Mostly Rat Terrier - acquired 5 days ago, about 1 year old

I am not that old, just had more than one dog at the same time, lol. Dogs usually like the company of other dogs, especially when master isn't home, so I like to have 2 around at all times. What's life without a dog? I wouldn't know! Sorry for the "book", but dogs are a large part of my life and are definitely family members. If that sounds strange to you, well, to each his own.
Dec 20, 2003
Where the selas blooms
I have to ask the question, "what is life WITHOUT a dog?" I hope I never find out. It boggles my mind to know there are actually people who think dogs are a nuisance and think finding a dog hair on their clothes is an emergency.

What was your Vizla like? I've read about them and seen them while watching dog shows, but I've never met anyone who had one. They have such a unique look, and those eyes are so piercing and intelligent.

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