I'm A Luuuucckky Dog!


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May 18, 2009
Hey All, It's Max. Long time no bark from! Mommy has had lots of life stuff come up, different job, and we moved, and all kinds of things to prevent us from spending lots of time on the 'aputer! Well, because I have not been around, I thought I would let all you dogs in on a little surprise! See, my favorite Auntie is over at the house doggysitting for the next 2 weeks. Well, she got here a short time ago, and boy oh boy oh boy did she bring a yummy treat!!!

Brand new out of the box white leather nikes! YuuUUmmmMMYYYY!!!!!!! As you can see I had a small slobbery bite of the left one. Well, the cool thing is that I am going to be able to chew and slobber and eat them all up for the next 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!! I will have to pace myself, or maybe just devour them and Auntie will have to get more new nikes for me!!!! So, how about I share. Any of you dogs wanna come over and have a good hungry chew on the new sneakers with me?????? Let me know before they disappear!!!!!!

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