If you live in Maryland stay away from this pet hotel.

Mar 16, 2005
Ok, the resort is called Olde Towne Pet Resort. A few of the recent camp staff were fired due to we did not agree with the new executive director policy and procedures. Our old executive director was a dog trainer. As she started to work here she did not even introduce herself to us nor tell us about the so-called new policy & procedures changes which were not safe for us or the dogs. It first started out by taking dogs without their shots saying it was ok. As well as not telling the owners that some of the dogs had Giardia. Kris Klock (new executive director), as well as the CEO Ron, told us that they need to find it out on their own it’s not our place to tell them. I use to work at a shelter Giardia in puppies and debilitated adult dogs, it may cause severe, watery diarrhea that may be fatal if left untreated. We also had kennel cough and was told the same thing let them find out on their own not our problem.
After all this, she started to hire new staff because the old staff pretty much knew what we were doing, so anyone who stuck up for the dogs or staff safety would get their hours cut (As I was from 5 days to 2 days) so they would quit or leave. It was a former employee that she seemed close with to told us that she is trying to get rid of all the old staff, and she was telling the new staff when we would try to train them they should not listen to us. Because they were the old policy & procedures. Which she did not email us until a month later. Instead of telling us the new policy and procedures. In addition, the new policy and procedures are not safe. For one of them for day camp, she thinks it’s ok for one person to be in the room alone with a dog. Which is the main reason why most of the dog's owners picked Olde Towne Pet Resort because they felt safe with their dogs with it being more than one person in a room.

We also tried to tell her as well as give her a list that it’s also for our safety and the dogs safety because half of the dogs in camp eats poop and as I stated giardia and as well as other transmitted viruses can be passed via feces, even drool (some of the dogs like to link the other dogs in the mouth that eats poop.) or the water (Via the dogs saliva that eats poop). The day camp manager made a list. The list pretty much said why someone should not be alone in the because something could happen here is some of that list. 1. what if there is a dogfight and we can’t get to the phone, yes be can put them in time out but the dogs can still get back in the room and a fight could break out again. Because some of them know how to open the doors. 2. What if one of us got hurt (Which has happened thank got with our last executive director still there.) and could not get to the phone or even if we do they can’t hear us because we have some dogs who constantly bark and the room echoes. 3. We have one person to who makes sure the dogs don’t eat the other dog's poop or drink the others dogs pee. It was other reasons the old manager listed, but can’t remember, but these were the main ones I remember.

She would also not properly communicate with the dogs owners. Or say that she did, but never talked to them as stated by one of the customers to us. One of our day camp dogs were kicked out of camp (because dogs don’t need timeouts). The dog that was kicked out was getting better we tried to tell her the timeouts were working for her. She had gotten so much better from when she first started. She also stated that dogs puppies included do not need breaks. Even when the owners request it. She thinks the dogs should be trained and listen from the get-go. Not understanding that we are not these dogs owners. Dogs will listen to their owners more than they will listen to a stranger until we earn their trust even still they are dogs not humans. She did not seem to understand that. I have 18 years of working with dogs that is how I know. So, therefore, she stated that any dog that needs to be in a timeout should not be in camp. Some of the owners were also baffled by this when we told them. In addition, at one point she did come put to camp while in camp two little puppies got into a little fight due to they were puppies and were tired so they started to get a little grumpy. She claimed that the puppies were playing when I tried to tell her they were not they were fighting. I admit I lost my temper because someone who supposedly has a “degree” in dog behavior did not seem to know or understand the dogs were fighting not playing. So about 20 to 30 mins pass by the two dogs that she claimed where playing got into a fight. This seemed to start to be a trend due to we could not give the dogs timeouts, some of the dogs started to developed dog aggression and started to be very reactive to dogs.

It's so much more but just wanted to to get the gist of it.

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