If anyone could help us - An update on me and the Pups


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Aug 17, 2009
Southern Alberta
Hey guys, I know this is going to come off as a bit douchey but I'm running out of options.

The dogs and I have recently relocated to a city 2 hours away. I needed to get out of my hometown and further my career experience. I had originally anticipated my boyfriend moving to this city with me but due to some unexpected expenses, this is no longer the case for the time being. Anyways, this has left me on my own for moving which is proving to be tricky because I am just starting my new job and the costs from getting up here for job hunting and house hunting have drained my accounts (along with some vet expenses for a white dog). I have found a place that would be perfect for us and is in the price range for monthly rent, I just am unable to scrape up a deposit.

The dogs are good, and I am okay. Stressed but stable. All normal costs are still covered and will be, especially the dog stuff. So I feel like a douche for asking for help. But I need to put my pride aside and try as I've sold pretty much everything I have of value. I have estimated that the costs to get us moved will be about $1000 (deposit plus some money to transport my meager amount stuff) For anyone who donates to my cause, I will send a PDF file of several of my own recipes from my three-course menus I have done.

Again, I feel awful for asking especially when there are so many people out there who deserve it more than me. But if anyone could spare even a bit I would be so so grateful. Thank you <3

Click here for the gofundme campaign. Thanks so much, guys <3


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