How to manage your new puppy

Feb 4, 2014
If you happen to adopt or purchase a puppy recently, don’t panic! Even though you might feel overwhelmed by the new responsibility of parenting your pet, but you’ll quickly realize how much love your puppy can shower you in return of your precious time, effort and affection towards him.

Mentioned below are some tips that would help you to survive first few weeks as a proud puppy parent:-

Purchase a crate for your puppy: - Do not let your new puppy sleep in your bed even if it cries at night. As for resting puppies need a good crate, where they can sleep, learn the house rules and also practice potty training as dogs do not like to soil their sleeping space. So your puppy should learn to sleep in their crate at night and be placed there whenever you are away or not able to supervise them.

Put a soft toy inside the crate: - As many puppies use soft toys as a pillow. Your puppy likes to cuddle to the toy because it reminds them of their littermates. Some pet parents also choose to put a ticking clock near the crate because it sounds like a heartbeat that is comforting. There are many other toys that keep your puppy mentally stimulated while in the crate, some toys are like chew toys, rope toys or squeaky toys. These toys will also prevent your puppy from boredom.

Gate a specific area for your puppy, and hold them on a leash: - Do not keep your puppy in the crate all the time. A puppy requires a place to play with you along with their toys. It is better to get a place where your teething puppy can’t create any damage, be sure that array of teething toys are available.In case you are taking your puppy outside of an enclosed space, be sure to use a 6 foot leash in order to keep them close to you so that you can keep an eye on them. Instead of tying the leashes to something and living the puppy all alone it’s better to hold the leashes at all times.

Pick up the food bowl after puppy finishes eating: - It’s better if you keep the puppy toys, water and food in the gated areas. Even though the water bowl can stay on the floor, but your puppy needs to learn to eat their meals and not play with what is left all day so should remove the food bowl after chow time.

Accidents would occur: - Accidents are ought to happen even if you are taking out your puppy on a leash that also to the same general area to do his business accidents will still happen. Whenever your puppy meets with an accident simply wipe it up and take your puppy along with the paper towel outside immediately. Just do not hit or rub your puppies’ nose in the soiled towel.

Visit your vet: - Take your puppy to a veterinarian for a routine checkup to the earliest. Your veterinarian can ensure that your puppy receives all the necessary vaccinations required to stay healthy.

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