How to add different sized pictures?

Mar 7, 2014
My friend thought we could create a thread where people, not only us, could discuss about different ways to add different sized pictures and patterns to messages.

For example my friend herself would like to know if there are ways to add very small pictures to messages for example these sizes: :eek: :first: (We tried to ask about this in another thread). She knows that there are websites where one can get them. However, one cannot always tell if one has a permission to use them for example in forum messages. My friend also knows that one can install softwares and/or toolbars one can use for adding smilies and small pictures. However, they talk mostly about text messages and facebook in their descriptions. We do have an account in Photobucket but my friend is not so good in drawing. Besides, even if she was, we would need to create own file for every picture on computer. Then we would need to fill our Photobucket library with tiny pictures. :lol-sign:

So, does someone know how one could add different sized pictures to messages? :) Does someone know if there are web sites, softwares or toolbars where one could get pictures that one has permission to use in this forum.

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