Help! Puppie's house training getting worse!


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Mar 17, 2007
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Hi everyone!

I have a 13 week old labrador puppy. I have had him a month now.

First of all i will tell you my routine.

We all go to bed at 12;30. Puppy goes potty outside just fine and i crate him up for the night. I get up at 5am every morning to take him outside. He goes potty fine.

He is starting to know the potty comand now too. If i say potty he pees before i finish the word if he needs to go, where as before i would have to practically sing it for several minites lolol :rofl1:

Anyway i go back to bed at 5am and get up at 9;30am. I take him potty outside and i give him his kibble in a treatball in the kitchen. I then take him outside and wait till he goes. Or i watch like a hawk and take him out every few minutes till he does.

I do not usually crate him during the day unless i am out shopping for an hour or i need to take care of my other pets for a couple hours. So at best he was being crated for a max of 3 hours during the day. He would have the odd pee every couple days because i was fussing over something else and didnt see the signs.

BTW whenever he does go potty in the right place he gets praised and a treat. If he does it in the house i say No sternly, pick him up and take him outside where he will finish and i will praise him.

This past 2-3 days has been hell. He will not give any warning and just squat to poop or pee in the house. Even in front of me. And its every potty!

This morning i was outside every few mintues with him. I went out 12 times in the space of an hour to see if he needed to go.

He then comes in and pees. Or poops.

I am now crating him most of the time during the day. As even during a play of his toys he literaly just stands still and pees without warning.

So i am now playiong with hios toys with him out in the garden. Feeding him in his crate and the only time he now walks around in the house is when im taking him to the back door to go out.

My OH has been getting very annoyed with him messing in the house since it was going so well and is saying if he doesnt improove soon he wants to rehome him.

This stems from a past relationship turning sour regarding a dog they had. It DIDNT turn out well for him! So he is understandably on edge.

We have also had people eyeing him up. (wanting to steal him) We have been getting phone calls from kids under 12 years old asking where puppy shops are so she can get a puppy.

We dont no who this person is or how they got the number to ring us on. So he is also very nervous about this.

We have what looks like an attempted break in. It looks like a screw driver was being used at some point to try pry the windows open and our nextdoor neighbour has justed alerted us to an attempted break in last week at around 2am.

So add it all together and my OH is a nervous wreck and is lashing out.

None the less i need to get this house trained "licked" soon to prevent a couple of fights between us.

I need advice basically to try to prevent more accidents happening.

Am i right to crate him? I try to make sure he is sleepy before by playing with him in the yard.

Should i be playing with him in the place he pottys?

Any help is appreciated!

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