Help! Dog is unmanagable

Oct 29, 2017
can someone please give advice or some help? i am at a complete loss with my one dog. i have 2 dogs around the same age, they are both pavement specials my fiance and i got from our local puppy rescue centre. We have had them for around 4 or so months now. The one is tan and the other black. The tan one is a lot of fun, loooooves people, loves playing, treats and walks. I am having a problem with the black one. How do I train or even just reinforce boundaries with a dog that is completely uninterested in people, treats, walks or just basic affection? She literally has no interest in people or even trying to bond to a human. Not really interested in basic training either. We have tried everything we can think of. Loving her a ton, lots of attention, treats, playing but nothing. Positive reinforcement doeant work at all since shes not interested but the problem really boils down to this: everytime we enforce a house rule or so much as say "no" (not even raising my voice at her) she runs away from both of us for days acting like we beat her up and acts all terrified and wont come in the house. Shes also quite a naughty dog and honestly i dont know what to do. How do you discipline or just bond with a dog that insists on being naughty but runs away from you everytime you make it known that shes out of line and that behaviour is unacceptable? Especially as ignoring the bad behaviour or positive reinforcement doesnt work since she doesnt care about not getting attention. Im at the point where Im thinking of giving her away. i dont know what to do with a dog that has no interest in humans, even after months of love theres been no change and that uses running away to avoid behaving appropriately or doing anything you ask. If she doesnt get her way, she runs, if you say "no", she runs, if you try any training that makes her have to think, she runs, if she gets reprimanded for jumping on guests, she runs and no, its not the playful chase me run, its the "tuck-the-tail and head down omg you going to beat me" kind of run. It can also go on for days after Ive done any one of thise things. Im at the end of my patience with a dog that runs like a beat it just because I expect her to follow the house rules like the other dog does.
So is there any ideas that anyone has for how Im supposed to handle this?

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