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May 18, 2009
Greetings All!, It's Max barking I hope all you dogs and humans are enjoying the holidays! BBbrrrrr....It has been cold where we live. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know the cold should not bother me, but maybe I am getting soft in my "old age"

Well, I have been trying to keep my nose clean and stay out of trouble, but somehow it always finds me. Mommy is watching my "friends" Fred and Baily this weekend. I use the term loosely because everytime they come over, they chew my toys and get into all my food and stuff.

Fred and Baily the Wonderdogs

So Mommy has been trying to get me to be better around shoes, but it has been a long hard road. She says that she would hate to see me have to attend a "Shoe-Chewers Anonymous" meeting. Hmmpphh! We'll see. You know, she got these new sneakers awhile back, and has been hiding them from me. She had them hid very well, becasue I have yet to sniff them out. Well, I see this morning that she has them on, and is rambling on about "nikes" blah blah blah and them being called "SC Trainers" or something??? She thinks they look festive with the red color. I don't know much about much, but I think that the "SC" stands for "SOOOoooo Chewy". Believe me, the first chance I get, they will be mine all mine!

Baily and Fred have been running around all day and getting me all in a tizzy. I can't keep up with them, despite their short little legs. Well, I happened to run past Momma while she was sitting at the table, and screeched to a halt. After some careful inspection, I can bark that the bite marks and drool on Mommas sneaker are 100% NOT mine. That leaves only one other option: Fred and Baily the Wonderdogs. So I chase them down and confront them, and find that they have a plan worked out to eat Mommys new sneakers tonight! NO FAIR!!!!, I AM SUPPOSED TO CHEW THEM FIRST!!! I mean, I have been waiting for this moment for like forever!

All you dogs and humans have not steered me wrong yet. How should I go about chewing the sneakers before Fred and Baily??? Should I be a gentledog and share the sneakers with them???? I just don't want to miss out and have to settle for sloppy seconds!!!!!

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