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My name is Mandy, and I'm an avid dog lover!I have one little mutt..a dachschund Yorkie mix, which I lovingly shorten to dorkie :) Shes amazing, thinks shes human, and really has a thing for bacon. Her name is Laci and she truly is the highlight of my days! I also have a wonderful cat named fox, who truly acts more like a dog. Bellyrubs are his favorite, he loves his stuffed moose, and for whatever reason he just can't resist a good chunk of cookie dough and the occasional plate of corn.

I love dogs so much that I also do pet artwork, including prints and pet portraits! Laci loves it because I get to stay home with her and do artwork..which means theres more opportunities for her to get a bacon snack throughout the days.

Thought I would join the forums to chat with fellow dog lovers, get some crazy good ideas for art, and share my art!

More can be seen here:

Art by Manda Custom Pet Portraits and More by Mandawlfe on Etsy

Looking forward to talking with you all!


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