Happy 1st birthday Nora!

May 4, 2010
Just wanted to post that Nora turned 1yr on the 7th. I didn't forget it, just haven't had time to post.

I finally had her weighed at the office, she is 32lbs. :)

~4 months ago I saw Nora posted on craigslist. I tried to get her out of my mind, but failed miserably. One night I got it into my head that she had found a home already, and I literally got no sleep that night. I was even trying to figure out if I could get the "new owners" to give her to me. She was listed on there for at least 2 weeks, maybe longer.

I still don't know why she stuck out to me so much, I check the pet section on craigslist almost daily for the last 3yrs. I have seen, and wanted about a dozen dogs off of there, but never felt the way I did about Nora. It was just a gut feeling, I had to have her. I kinda jumped head first, the woman really didn't tell me much about her, but I was thinking ahead and figured I could at least foster her (yeah right) if she didn't work out.

I am glad my gut feeling was right, she is just a great little dog. I can't imagine not having her. <3

Dear Nora, the saying is "third time is the lucky charm" and you better believe that this is your final home. Your not going anywhere. ;)
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