Guess Charlie's mix!

Do any of these seem likely?

  • Greyhound

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  • Lab

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  • German Shepherd

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  • Husky

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  • German shorthair pointer

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Dec 10, 2016
I adopted Charlie a little over a year ago, and we still can't decide just what he might be mixed with! Shelter said lab/shepherd, but we are pretty sure he has some greyhound/sighthound (it's about the only breed everyone can agree on). Physical features: upward curve to the rear 1/2 of his spine, webbed paws, protruding ridge bump at the back of his skull (if he jerks his head and smacks you in the nose with that thing I guarantee it'll bring tears to your eyes! Lol), 28 inches tall at the shoulder, 68 lbs. Habits: loves to chase small prey- caught a rabbit once, constantly on the lookout when outside, also seems to have pointing instincts but hasn't been trained to hold point. He is stubborn but reasonably easy to train, day to day he tends to nap most of the time, but given the opportunity can run for days on end at my parent's farm. Can't get him interested enough in chasing the 4-wheeler to get an accurate speed, but he has no problem catching up to it from behind when we're running about 35mph. He is a high anxiety dog at times, but was probably about 3 when I got him and I don't know his history (I suspect some abuse as he was initially terrified of men and towels). 20151004_154131_Richtone(HDR).jpg 20151004_111103.jpg 20160117_131156.jpg 20151012_200736_Richtone(HDR).jpg Those ears though! (He can sometimes get one to stand straight up, but never both) 20150919_081407.jpg

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