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May 18, 2009
Good evening all! Snickers here just barking that I hope all you dogs and humans had a grrrrreat holiday season and are pumped for a totally awesome new year! I am really pumped right now and am having the bestest time EVER! See, my Aunty Kristen is doggysitting me for the next two weeks while mommy is visiting family. Now you would think I would be sad and missing mommy right now, but no: Aunty Kristen is TOTALLY spoiling me!

So a couple weeks ago, mommy and me were out and she had to stop by Kristens apartment quickly to drop something off. Well, we get inside and I immediately go nutso when I see these:

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Mmmmmm, slurp! Brand new nikes! AND nice soft chewy white leather! MY FAVORITE!!! Before I could get near them, mommy said we had to leave :( I whined as we were leaving and Kristen told me I could have a taste of them some other time. Hmmph! So I have been craving them dreaming about them ever since.

Well, yesterday mommy packed her things and her plan was to leave late at night so she could have plenty of time at the airport thingy. Aunty Kristen would be over late, but I would see her in the morning. So I stay up a little too late waiting for her to arrive and fall asleep in the kitchen at the foot of the stairs.

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I’m dreaming when all of a sudden there is a commotion and Kristen comes downstairs and almost trips over me. It is that moment when I spot them:

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Ooooohh I must still be dreaming and don’t want to wake up because right in front of my mouth are those delicious new nikes and they are ALL MINE!!!!!!

I instantly lost all control and turned into a big hungry shoe monster. Aunty Kristen laughed as I sniffed and licked both sneakers hungrily. She said I better settle down as they have to last for two whole weeks. She grabbed her computer and school work and sat down at the kitchen table to work on a project. Now our table is not very big, but that did not stop me.

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I shimmied way under there and layed down at her feet and got her whole left nike in my mouth. I’ll tell you what, there is nothing like the first bite of a brand new nike, and these are sooooooo soft and chewy! I must have enjoyed them for an hour, chewing on one for a while, then going for the other and back again. Every so often i could hear Aunty say “Ouch that’s my toe!” Or “Aunties nikes are yummy aren’t they?” My only response was wet growling and snorting. I just loved the way they squeaked and squished as I sunk my toofers into them. Pretty soon It started to get kinda cramped under the table and I got to thinking that the best place to enjoy the nikes was probably on the soft bed in the guest room. So I started pulling the laces out and wrestled them off her feet. They were so slimyand slobbery that they practically slid right off!

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I grabbed both nikes in my jowels and ran upstairs. After a while, Aunty Kristen came to check on me:

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She tried to get her nikes back but was unsuccessful. Well, that was earlier. I pretty much have been enjoying those tasty new nikes all day. I know they were supposed to last a couple weeks, but they are just too delicious. I am hoping that Kristen will let me devour these tonight for a late night dessert, then get some more new sneakers tomorrow! She actually got mommy this door mat after I ate her new purple reeboks a while back:

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Well, hope all you have a grrrrreat night. I will update you if I get some more yummy chew toys tomorrow!!!!


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