Former special rescue dog needs help


Second Chance Pets
Jan 31, 2013
Houston Tx
Hi, I'm new here and found this site while browsing for places to spread the word about this lil doggie that needs help. I think I'm going to hang out here for awhile though...this is a GREAT place and I'm glad I found it. I co-founded a non profit rescue group called Second Chance Pets in 1994. Zoe was one of the most special dogs we have rescued. She had been abandoned in an apartment and was there with no food or water for about two weeks as best we could determine. She looked like a walking skeleton and should not have been able to walk but when the apartment manager opened the door...Zoe ran out full tilt and right to us. She was adopted after some extensive medical treatment and lots of love. She also had a run in with her foster mom's pit bull. To be fair, Zoe did attack the pit bull but being as little as she is, she did not fair well. She also pulled through that, just barely like a lil tropper. Now she's in trouble again and needs help. She has been with her new family for ten years now and they are doing everything possible to help her one last time. The family (a mom and son) have gone through their entire savings to help Zoe this time. This just happened so fast and got so expensive to fast that they just can't handle anymore. Mom has also just lost her job. If anyone feels like helping or sharing this...please do and thank you in advance.

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