Finnegan misses everyone. <3


Wookie Collie
Apr 22, 2008
Ottawa, ON
I just posted to the Chaz FB page and realized I haven't been here in forever. So. Hi!

I purposely stopped visiting Chaz because of time constraints with online time. Just had to start picking my battles. I've been dividing my time between AlliePets and other illustrative projects for work, and I often work 12-hour days.

Pets are all well and good. Finnegan is still on crate and rotate with the cats, and may forever be. They still get time together with Finn on a long line, and it usually goes well enough. ;) Everyone's used to it as routine though, and seem no worse for wear. Marshall enjoys taking part in Finn's daily care and exercise so he's more active and fit than ever.

He turns seven in November. Seven, guys. He's the picture of health except for a weak bladder, so he needs to be let out every 2-3 hours now when out of his crate. In his crate he's fine for 8+ hours. Vets have ruled out just about everything, so it's old man bladder I suppose. He gets cranberry which has helped.

Anyway, you came here for photos. I have photos of everyone!

See? He missed you all.

But srsly. He's as handsome as ever. I might be biased. Those eyes make me melt every time.

Did you miss the OMG BUBBLES photos?

He never got into discs really. But Chuckit flyers are the shiz.

He got a new flirt pole for Christmas, and got to try it once we finally fenced in the yard.

We do a lot of hiking, too. Even in pouring rain. He enjoys it more than pictured.

Both cats are great. I love these cats so much, even though they kinda loathe my dog. Haha.

Fiora is 2.5 years old and a total nutter. She's a bit fat, but also ludicrously active and ridiculous. And she fetches, which is fun.

Stan is 10 years old and a worrywart. He hates changes in routine and basically thought life was over when Finnegan and I moved in. But funny enough, he accepts Finn a little more readily now than Fiora does.

I know I posted about this once already (given my sig) but Barrett ferret is the only ferret I have left. I lost Porom in June of last year. Barrett is old, has weak rear legs, adrenal disease and possibly insulinoma. But he's alive, content, and adorable.

Hope you guys enjoy!

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