Fathead (lots of pics)


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Jan 20, 2014
Fathead was the 3rd (and last) cat I acquired... she too came through my work. A charming woman presented her and her 3 littermates one Sunday in May '10 because she had found their mother dead in her yard (fox or dog attack) and when we told her we couldn't take them and offered to contact some rescues for her, she said she'd just put them back outside because she had kids' soccer games all day and just wanted them out of her yard. My mom reluctantly agreed to foster the litter for a week (they were her "mothers day gift"!), and I brought them home to her house (she lives right behind me, so we could share their care). They were a few days old, but healthy and lively- what a welcome change! There was a LH black female, SH tabby/wt female, white male, and white female. Initially it was very hard to tell which white kitten was which, except one had a skinnier and one a fatter head- they became "Skinny head" (male) and "Fat head" (female), their siblings were "Stripes" (tabby), and "Mini" (black, smallest at first). As they grew, "Mini" became the biggest, and little Fat head lagged behind her siblings in every way except size, where she was average. She was slow to eat from a bowl, sat by looking forlorn when the others started playing... I thought she might be deaf until I noticed she was getting points like a siamese (ie: not white). I had her checked by a vet, thinking maybe she had some sort of defect that couldn't see, but she was just slow to pick up on new things. As she grew, she became the cutest thing, and I adored her. I ended up placing her siblings (Mini with my aunt, Stripes with a client at work, and Skinny head with a previous adopter who wanted a second cat), but kept her. She's still not the brightest cat... she has zero concept of cause/effect and spatial awareness is pretty much not there, but she thinks she's agile and keen! Her neat stripes on cream pattern has turned into what I jokingly call "mouse brown", but she's still ridiculously cute and entertaining. She's well known for getting into tight spaces (especially the emptied dog food cases with plastic cover still on them) and getting stuck, as well as falling off the bed while rolling around soliciting affection- normal cats land on their feet, Fat lands on her big head. Playing with her with a lure toy or laser frequently ends in something being broken due to her bull-in-china-shop style, but she's fun, for sure.

First day (guessing they were around 1-3 days old)

5 Weeks old (L-R: Fathead, Skinny, Stripes, & Mini)






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