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Jul 7, 2005
Arlington, VA
Hiiiiiii!!! Me again!

This time, I'm preggers and trying to think ahead, as I do plan on co-sleeping with the baby.

Oakley sleeps in bed with us, and ultimately, space isn't an issue (we have a king), but I'm worried about how Oakley is even going to react to a baby in the first place, seeing as he doesn't seem them....and then of.course, the safety factor. Oakley already is a total dick and just walks right on top of me in the middle of the night sometimes, so I just don't trust he is going to show any concern for the baby. And of course, if the baby fusses or scares him, I wouldn't put it past him to snap and nip.

So the dilemma....we've tried multiple times now in the past to get him off the bed, and all have been unsuccessful.
Mentally, I'm also having a really hard time with it....I love having him in the bed & I'm so worried he is going to feel lonely, abandoned and sad if he isn't. Yes, I am 100% contributing to this issue!!!

But!?? Someone recommended a book about Good dog, happy baby, but the reviews say he uses squirt bottles and choke collars :(.
The treat thing sort of works with Oakley, but it doesnt keep him out of the bed while we are sleeping. I think our record of trying to let him bark it out was 4 or so hours....and it never stopped. We gave in.

I'm.just at a loss. Thanks!!!

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