Dog sick after grooming

Aug 19, 2021
United States
Ever since I got my Dog back from groomers he’s been acting weird .. first, he seemed fine then. He got a couple of places on his back near his neck that kept getting bigger and finally broke open ( blood and some stuff came out ) cleaned it up the best we could and took him to the vet the next day they said it was probably a cyst and gave him some medicine to dry the area up which it helped .. but since then he has started not acting like his normal self .. he’s not running ( bouncing) around or wanting to play ( doesn’t even want a house shoe and he loves those)
Does not run to the door in excitement if someone comes over, will not eat but will eat a treat if offered he does drink lots of water he’s been doing that for about two months now
has started shivering like he’s cold when it’s not cold
Started having trouble walking around - I’ve had to start picking him up
Does not cuddle or want anything to do with anyone
If you carry him somewhere, he will sit down and just stay there and stare away.
All he wants to do is lay around and sleep

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