Dog health question

Aug 19, 2021
United States
So a couple of days ago my dog wasn't really acting like himself. He was quiet and calm. He ended up pooping in the family room, his "go-to" spot to bark at people through the windows. He's never done that before, so we thought that was weird. Tried taking him out a bit more, but we got 9" of snow and he doesn't like to go to the bathroom in the snow (not to mention he's only 35-40 lbs, and 9" are almost the length of his legs). But when I took him out he tried going poop like 4-5x, sorta went a couple of times, and was dragging his butt around in the snow a bit. He did poop upstairs again a few hours later, this time I heard some barking so I think he was alerting us he had to go but I figured he was just barking at someone.
The next day...he's back to acting like himself. Jumping about, happy to see everyone, running around, barking at anyone going by his land, eating normally, etc. He's back to his happy little dog self. But I got a message that night that he once again pooped in the living room. So my mother is "sick of it" and refusing to let him upstairs, so he's confined to my basement under purely my care, for now, that's fine, he's my dog anyway.
Walked him last night (1:30 am, my usual walking time for him) and he didn't poop. He was farting a bit at 6 am and I woke up and took him out and he went poop. Then got up again around 10:30-11 am and took him out and he went poop. Ran some errands, came home around 1 pm and he was jumping up and down and running upstairs so I figured he needed to go, took him out and he pooped. But he's otherwise still acting normally.
Now the consistency: When he pooped inside it was been fairly soft, a "dark chocolate ice cream" to make no one eat that again. There was a tiny red/orange gloop once, but otherwise not see any blood-ish in it. And when he's going last 24 hours it has been very soft and a very small amount.
I'm assuming he has lost the ability to fully control his bowel movements for whatever reason, but based on his actions he had a bug of sorts and beat it and now it's just going to be a couple of days before everything is normal again. It's the weekend and the vet isn't open until Monday, and there's an emergency vet place but that's super expensive and money is around tight enough.
What is a sign I REALLY need to get him to the vet ASAP? If his poop isn't a bit harder/fuller/lighter color should I head in regardless of how he's acting on Monday? Is he just a general illness and everything will be fine soon?
For breed: He's some type of mix, I was told he's lab/terrier by the guy who gave it to me.
He's around 4.5 years old, only real change in home status is our eldest cat recently got put down, and those two didn't necessarily get along. The other cats aren't a huge fan of him either, but mostly they all avoid each other.
So...yeah. Is my dog going to be okay?

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