Dog agression

Feb 25, 2005
Hi all - I'm sure this has been discussed several times but I would like to give my personal situation to get any advice/feedback. Okay, as many of you know, I've been fostering Bentley for about 2 months now, we NEED for he & my female boxer Princess to get along. Princess is a dominate dog. She's okay when we go to places dogs are allowed (ie: petsmart etc) but she doesn't like when Bentley comes in the house, or any dog for that fact (& don't even get me started on her and our female pit Cheeta, we have to keep them separate at ALL times, they can't be within 5 feet of each other without each of them going berzerk...I honestly think they would fight to the death!!). My question is this...Does anyone have any tips or suggestions on how to train her to be less aggressive towards other dogs? She's okay with most dogs (some dogs she likes and others she doesn't and there's not a determining factor between the two that I've noticed :confused: .) We do not have local training center other than PetSmart & Pet Partners and I think this is a problem that should either be handled by us or a specalized trainer (not that PetSmart wouldn't be ok, this just seems more serious than sit, stay...). I'm mostly concerned with her getting along with bentley for now. I've brought him in the house and she may go 5 min without attacking him then sometimes she won't let him through the door. Sometimes we'll put a muzzle on her for a few min to keep her from attacking him so she can smell him and size him up that way but usually she's more interested in getting the muzzle off. Usually we'll let him run loose and hold her constantly, petting her and reassuring her that he's not a threat but we have to keep his head away from her's or she'll snap at him (I'd hate to see the results if she ever connected with him)...any advice?? If they can't get along we'll have to let someone else adopt him and I'd hate for that to happen :( .

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