Does anyone Listia?

Apr 25, 2006
It's like Ebay, except everything is free. And it's awesome. And I joined 2 weeks ago and I can't stop. It's seriously addicting.

Basically, you earn credits. You earn some for joining, you can earn some for doing little tasks (watch a video, share something, etc) or you can list items you don't need anymore and "sell" them for credits. You can buy credits, but you don't need to, really. I haven't spent a dime yet. Everything I've gotten from the site so far has been 100% free.

It's an auction site and they seriously have everything.

I've accumulated a massive pile of heirloom vegetable seeds and flower seeds and herb seeds in no time from auctions. There is a huge variety of gardening stuff. The pet stuff is sorta slim, but auctions change daily. There's also beauty, crafts, computer geekery, books, kids toys, seriously, everything.

I've listed a few things on there and I'm amazed at how active the site is.

If you want to check it out and like it, you can use my link to sign up. It'll give you bonus credits (and me too) for the referral.

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