Coweta GA. Every Dog Urgent.Pics, Videos. Fall in Love. Help with Pull Availabeetc

Nov 28, 2007
"On Monday, January 20, 2014 9:09 AM, Newsweeq wrote: All need rescue and two still need sponsors...please help them before any more die!! Sponsorship needed for Beatles...he is hw positive!! All donations are tax deductible: Sponsorship needed for Snubbs; tax deductible: "Another dog, Roscoe, euthanized without notice! He had been someone's pet...even microchipped...and now his young life has been cut short. Every dog here must be considere d urgent as we are no longer given notice on them. Reason? We don't really know." There are wonderful dogs at this shelter! Evaluated, vetted, quarantined, even heartworm treated...we can help with all of that and arrange for pull. Please don't wait...if you can help just one, contact me immediately! None are safe until they are out the front door. Thanks!! Gail 917-873-7408 [email protected]." This is a crosspost

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