Close call

Feb 12, 2014
I feel like Louis and I had a near miss this morning. We went for a walk adjacent to an off leash park, that is actually mountain biking and walking trails, and though not strictly an off leash park, a place where some people (me included) go to hike with dogs, off leash.

We met two dogs while hiking, a rottweiler, and a beagle, and Louis and these dogs had appropriate greetings, a short play, and we all went on our ways. We're sort of in a small snow storm right now, so while it's lovely in the trees, when in the open visibility is affected.

Louis and I came out of a trail, along the edge of the trees, and up ahead, just having rounded a corner, I see a very large black dog, completely frozen, and that tail was like a flag pole. Dude was not messing around. He was completely still and quiet. Louis hadn't even noticed him at this point, so I called Louis over and we pushed into the bush to get away - I held his collar about 15 feet into the bush, and we waited for the dog to pass. I was crossing my fingers he wouldn't come in behind us, because all my spidey senses were tingling.

The dog ended up standing at the opening we went into, staring at Louis, completely still and with the tail still up like flag pole. Luckily the owner was close behind and sort of pushed him to keep moving.

I just have a feeling that would have been a bad scene, if Louis and I would have continued along the single track trail. Ugh.


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Dec 31, 2004
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Oh! That had to be quite terrifying. I know what that feels like, especially with small dogs. When a dog off leash, unsupervised comes along, it's scary kind of. Is the dog going to be friendly, safe or not, I sometimes ask myself. With that dog's body language, you must have been pretty freaked. :eek: I think I would be too. Glad the owner came along just in time! Whew!

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