Can Anyone Please Help????

Sep 28, 2004
Hi everyone. I'm sad. My beautilful black Australian Shepherd passed away. I miss her sooo much. She is and always will be my very best friend. Her photo is in an online contest right now. I really want and would love for her to win. The prize is a beautiful 4 panel poster of her picture if I do and I would treasure it. She was in 3rd place this morning but all the other dogs have their familes vote high scores on them and very low scores like 2's and 3's on all the others like my doggie. The voting is 1 through 10 on each photo. Will anyone please help my doggie win. I don't have any other family members to vote. Please vote a 10 on her. Its a beautiful picture of Decy in the swimming pool. This link goes straight to her photo. Please vote a 10 on her.|21238

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